To help every child begin with success, Cyberspace Tutoring Company provides a starting point through learning assessments. In this manner, the child begins at a level with which they are comfortable. The level of learning is slowly increeased to bring the child to high levels of mastery or competency. This also assures that each child is able to master the content they may have missed in traditional schooling or proceed at a faster pace than what may be permitted in group instruction. With the help of the parents, the tutoring provided will assist the student to develop higher levels of concentration and study habits that will provide the foundation for more advanced learning and help them in future years of schooling. The initial assessment, that follows the first free appointment, costs $35 per subject.

Paula Sparks


Tutoring services are provided for K - 6 students, primarily in reading and math. There is a one hour weekly tutoring session, followed by online assignments during the rest of the week in the learning databases. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children during the week to assure progress.

Paula Sparks

Pricing & Enrollment

Current pricing is $25 per weekly tutoring session. You may begin the enrollment process by leaving a message below for Mrs. Paula Sparks. Initial enrollment is required for a minimum of four weeks. Continuing enrollment is at the pleasure of the parent. If you have any questions, please contact Paula Sparks by EMail ( or call the voicemail phone at 1-405-577-6906. We are always willing to assist. Contact us if you don't find the information you are seeking.

Paula Sparks

What our parents have said

"I have tried several places for my son when he was struggling in school. Mrs. Sparks was the only one that could help him. She was so patient and kind. He loved going to her."

— Gina O.

Further references available upon request.

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